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On a Mission

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Meet Coach Al

Meet Coach Al

Consultant, Founder and Motivational Speaker

Born and raised in Salinas, California, Alvaro Venegas, affectionately known as Coach Al, has been cultivating hope since 2007. Through public speaking and writing, he has partnered with many educators and community leaders to impact hundreds of schools throughout California. He has also successfully founded a wellness and health organization that provides inspirational training and personal development to students in schools, teachers, families and military personnel.  Coach Al’s mission is to continue to support communities by elevating those who serve and contribute to a positive and unified culture. 

“Instead of changing the world,” Coach Al encourages communities “to create the world they want to live in.”

On a Mission Services


Build the habits to support a strong foundation at home, at work and in everyday living. With the support of On a Mission consultations, learn about and apply essential fundamentals that will build the lifestyle that you deserve.

Staff Development

Leadership is demonstrated through purpose, performance and power. Learn how to influence and empower your team to overcome challenges, remain self-motivated and execute the mission.


K-12th Grade Assemblies

Coach Al believes in the power of self-confidence, self-love and self-pride.  Through On a Mission assemblies, students are highlighted when demonstrating effort, encouragement and focus.  By spotlighting and guiding these actions, the goal is to support the development of emotional well-being.



"Coach Al was very engaging.  He made us reflective of our way and I feel that our staff is going to have that much more emphasis on relationships this year so we can really make a difference with our kids.  Highly appreciative."

Yvette Shields


"I thank Coach Al for coming out and shaking me up to remind me of my passion and keep moving forward. Anybody can really change anybody's life and be the impact that you seek."


Expanded Learning

Program Director

"You inspire with your words and greatness awaits you.  You seem very determined and that will attract the right people to you.  Stay focused Coach Al."

Denise Fuentez

Director of Services 


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